Who Wants A Home Organizing System That Will Give You Peace of Mind that Everything Gets Done and Discover You Still Have Plenty of Down Time To Spend With Those You Love?

Dear Time-strapped Friends,

Not too long ago I remember what it was like to feel like I didn't manage my time wisely and therefore I was unproductive with chores left to do. This would just add to the daily stress.

Fortunately, I took control. I figured out that just like in business, creating a 'system' would be the answer to my problem.

Successful businesses are especially successful because they have systems in place for all processes to get things done.

It dawned on me that creating a system to run my household would be the key to getting rid of my many daily hassles.

Veronica Bettencourt

I tried to find a system of calendars, planners, and other templates that I could use to help me out.

Problem was, many of these templates did not work for me. Some were too structured and others were not structured enough.

The solution was to create my own templates that would work for me and most people that wan't some structure in their lives but not too much.

I created a plan and with templates that I added to a binder that now I call  My Home Management System.

I use it daily and it has been a life saver! It has provided me with an answer to more that one problem.

Here are the benefits I have gained since using this system:

  • reduced stress
  • reduced workload
  • increased productivity
  • increased my free time
  • freedom of mind
  • greater sense of control

It has made such a difference to me that I realize I can help so many other people that exerience the same problems I have.

Introducing My Home Management System

My Home Management System consists of the following 18 templates:

  • 2-week Planner (style 1)
  • 2-week Planner (style 2)
  • January 2010 - December 2010 Monthly Calendars
  • Handy Suggestion Guide
  • Business Contact List
  • Personal Contact List
  • Other Important Contacts
  • Grocery List
  •  Gift Ideas
  • Birthday Organizer
  • Master To-Buy List
  • Master To-Do List
  • Movies and Books
  • My Home Management System Cover Page
  • Quick Meal Ideas Planner
  • Routines
  • Travel Packing Checklist
  • Address Book (A-Z) 

I am currently making My Home Management System available to you today for a very low rate of $12.

I'm also including a quick  'Handy Suggestion Guide' with useful tips and ideas to fully ulitize My Home Management System.

Make 2010 the Year You Finally Get Organized!